How do i fix my Homedics Neck Massager nms-375?

Fix homedic neck massager nms 375

Multiple buyer of Homedics Neck Massager” User reported that heat nodes burns a lot of time and company did’t improve that. But Now they Improved the new device.

If you have old one you can use this guide to fix you massager nms-375.

Buyer Reviews about it

I had high hopes but feel the product could be improved. The heat needs some sort of way to adjust the temperature as it gave me second degree burns on my neck on two occasions. I can’t figure out if it was that or a combination of abrasiveness from the rotating massagers because it didn’t actually “feel” that hot, but I’m pretty sure it was the heat. I think there could be a tad more padding over the rotating knobs because if you try to adjust it along your neck, I can feel some plastic edges that are uncomfortable. I put a thin towel over it and that seems to solve the problem. It’s not a bad device but it took over a week for those burns to clear up. Watch that heat button.

B. Robertson

Carefully follow the provedure

  • Boil the water at 80 degree
  • Drop small amount of water on massager
  • Use some kind of ribber scrapper to scrape it
  • Do this carefully.

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